Jonathan Schulte - Business Development Manager

As an RTS Financial agent, it’s important to invest in understanding your business and your goals. Working closely to connect you to RTS Financial will help me determine the factoring services that will be the most valuable for your needs. Additionally, I can provide access to a competitive fuel card program, unlimited credit checks on brokers and shippers and customizable trucking software.

Jonathan has more than five years of experience helping corporations improve their business performance through the intelligent application of increased working capital. The primary constraint in any business is cash flow. This can cause multiple pain points within a growing company. Jonathan has worked with hundreds of small, medium and large companies to identify their financial obstacles and develop the best partnership to allow for increased efficiencies, cashflow and growth. 


He started his career with a focus on the transportation industry and has continued to work with multiple industries, including Trucking, Manufacturing, Staffing, Textiles, Aviation, Oil and Gas. Jonathan spends much of his time coaching companies on how to best use invoice factoring to improve their growth and performance. He has personally assisted companies throughout North America to increase their production, develop improved processes and retain the best people available. 


Please reach out to Jonathan today with any questionsm on how RTS Financial can become the cashflow solution your company needs in a financial partner.


Factoring Features

RTS Financial has one of the fastest growing factoring programs in the trucking industry.

Same-Day Funding

Our representatives work hard to make sure you get paid within 24 hours.

97% Advance Rate

Get more of your money with industry-leading advance rates.

No Hidden Fees

No minimum-volume fees. No ACH fees. No invoice-upload fees.

Fuel Card Program

Get substantial savings at over 2,000 locations nationwide and credit lines of up to $2,500 per truck, per week.

Upload Invoices Online

An easy-to-use mobile and web app lets you upload invoices and manage your account online.

Fixed Factoring Rates

Your rate doesn't increase if your factoring volume drops.

The relationship of the RTS Agent Representative and RTS shall be that of an independent contractor and the RTS Agent Representative shall have no authority to bind RTS in any manner whatsoever. The RTS Agent Representative shall not be considered an employee of RTS for any purpose.