But first lets add some text to the body field.   Ohh, I just did.

I just returned a paragrah, and this text is wrapped in the p tag.

Lets add an image with the image insertion tool above (looks like mountains). 

rtslogo Ohh, look at our old logo. Do we still use this?  And this text wraps. Well, let's center the next logo and make it a full block width.  You'll find we use the word block for many different things.  



Well that's nice, and I can grab handles and resize the image as well. 
Lets look at some font styles next, this will be fun. Are applies using the Paragraph and Styles menu items above.

Heading 2

Heading 3

Heading 4

Heading 5

Back to the paragraph style, this is the default.

Blue Text, Grey Text, Font Size 1, Font Size 2, Font Large, Font Small, Font X-Small

Industries We Serve

Delivering experience, knowledge and factoring solutions in a variety of industries.


Offering same-day funding and an industry-leading fuel card program

Oilfield Services

Increasing cash flow for welding, trucking, drilling and other services that support active oilfields


Speeding up your cash conversion and building more working capital for your company


Building your working capital to address operating expenses and seasonal demand


Meeting payroll obligations with same-day funding on all of your receivables


Funding receivables within 24 hours to help you operate and expand your business