Caps Dispatching Service

Factoring Highlights

  • Same-day funding and a 97% advance rate.
  • No minimum volume fees. No ACH fees. No invoice upload fees.
  • Scalable funding that grows with your business.
  • Mobile app to upload invoices and manage your account online.

Fuel Card Highlights

  • Average savings of 25¢ per gallon at 1,800 fuel stations.
  • Credit line of $2,500 per truck, per week.
  • No hidden fees and flexible payment terms.
  • Mobile app to find low fuel prices and plan routes.

The relationship of the RTS Agent Representative and RTS shall be that of an independent contractor and the RTS Agent Representative shall have no authority to bind RTS in any manner whatsoever. The RTS Agent Representative shall not be considered an employee of RTS for any purpose.