About RTS Financial

What We Do

RTS Financial provides factoring solutions, also called "accounts receivable financing," to U.S. companies in a variety of industries. Our business was formed on the idea of providing competitive financing rates while delivering superior customer service. Since our founding in 1995, thousands of customers have chosen RTS Financial because of our outstanding back-office support and customer service team.

Our History

In 1995, we recognized a growing need for capital within the transportation industry. Trucking companies were waiting as long as 90 days for customer payments, which placed a significant strain on their cash reserves. After years of successfully delivering financial solutions to trucking and transportation companies of all sizes, we expanded our services to other industries. Today those industries include oilfield services, staffing, manufacturing, business services and textiles.

In 2004, we launched RTS International, a factoring division that focuses on financial solutions for businesses outside of the United States. Today, we provide an industry-leading factoring experience to a diverse group of companies throughout the world.

Support For Trucking Companies

While RTS Financial has grown, we still place great emphasis on the industry our company began serving in 1995: trucking. Over the years, we have expanded the financial products we offer trucking companies. In addition to factoring, we offer a fuel card program and freight broker credit reports. We also offer discount programs on tires, maintenance, tax services, lodging and more.

In 2013, we launched RTS Pro, an exclusive mobile and web application that helps truck drivers find discounted diesel prices, plan trips, access their factoring services and more.