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For more than 20 years, RTS Financial has provided factoring services for trucking and transportation companies. Even though there are hundreds of other factoring companies to choose from, many trucking fleets have continued working with us for many years. Building long-term relationships with clients has always been a priority and a key to RTS Financial’s success.

Below, some of our clients describe the four major reasons why RTS Financial provides a superior factoring experience:

1. Stronger Cash Flow

“With RTS Financial, I send the invoices and I know they are going to send me the money on the same day. I don’t have to continually check with them to make sure they have everything they need.”

- Owner of a Chicago trucking company

“Why did we switch our factoring to RTS Financial? A better advance rate and a better interest rate. Getting a 93% advance instead of 85% has certainly benefited our cash flow.”

- President of a South Carolina trucking company

“Factoring with RTS Financial is one of the reasons we were able to stay in business during the first half of 2016.”

- Owner of an Illinois trucking company

2. Long-Term Growth

“Working with RTS Financial has allowed us to grow. We have been able to take on more clients without having to scramble for working capital and everything else.”

- President of a Massachusetts trucking company

“There is no way that our company could have grown the way it has without factoring with RTS Financial.”

- President of a Missouri trucking company

“Since we began factoring with RTS Financial in 2011, our company has expanded from five trucks to more than 150. We are continuing to grow and RTS Financial has been with us every step of the way.”

- President of a Chicago trucking company

3. Outstanding Service

“I like how we can communicate with ease with RTS Financial’s people, and how if there’s a problem, it can be solved fast so it doesn’t slow down my business.”

- Owner of an Illinois trucking company

“Any type of question that we have - from accounts receivable, to credit ratings, to the prior history of the customer - can be answered with just a phone call to RTS Financial.”

- CFO of a California shipping and logistics company

4. Ease of Doing Business

“With our previous factor, we had to bring in original documents. With RTS Financial, it is better because we can do everything online.”

- Principal with a Chicago trucking fleet

“Your people did everything professionally from the first to the last moment. If we ever need factoring again, I’m calling RTS Financial.”

- President of a Chicago trucking company

“Other factors in the past were difficult for our company, but things have been really good with RTS Financial.”

- Owner of a Washington trucking company

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