Funding That Grows with Your Staffing Company

Cash flow can get tight in the staffing business, when you pay your employees weekly or bi-weekly, but must wait 30 to 60 days on customer payments.

RTS Financial’s customized factoring solutions advance cash on your invoices within a day. This boosts cash flow, making it easier to meet payroll and expand your staffing agency.

How Factoring Works in Four Simple Steps:

  • Your staffing agency performs work for a customer.
  • You send your invoice to RTS Financial.
  • You receive early payment on your invoice from RTS Financial.
  • RTS Financial collects full payment from your customer.

Benefits of Working with RTS Financial:

  • Same-day funding
  • Highly competitive advance rates with no hidden fees
  • Online account access and easy uploading of documents
  • Free collections and other back-office services
  • Access to funding is based on your customers’ credit, not your company’s credit or business history
  • As your staffing agency grows, the cash from factoring matches that growth

Funding for Any Kind of Staffing Company

RTS Financial funds receivables for a wide range of employment companies, including the following kinds of staffing:

  • Security
  • Clerical and administrative
  • Information technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Health care
  • Professional management