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While the majority of freight brokerages maintain respectable business practices, it’s important for carriers to properly vet potential brokers before working with them.
You do not need to be a financial wizard to run a successful business but understanding the basics of accounting is definitely important.
Whether you have cash flow issues or just want a way to increase your cash flow, comparing your financial options can help you make the best decision.
Whether you’re just getting started or have been in business for years, figuring out which financing options are best for your trucking company can be difficult.
Trucking companies that are considering factoring should know what a UCC filing is because it can have a direct impact on your business in a few ways.
Here are the things to consider when choosing non-recourse over recourse.
When looking at factoring as a financial solution for your business, you’ll want to consider the cost before committing to an agreement.
Before applying for an MCA loan, make sure you understand the impact they can have on the financial health of your trucking business.
Your company could turn a profit and still experience a cash crisis. Keeping a record of current and projected cash flow can guarantee you always have enough money on hand.
A disciplined approach to collecting from customers can lead to more timely payments and more stability for your business.
Want to get paid faster? Communicating payment terms and conditions with your customers can make a big difference.
When looking at options to raise working capital, some companies may consider factoring while others look into merchant cash advances. What is the difference?