Qualifying carriers have access to the following benefits on or after [INSERT START DATE].


(Terms and Conditions apply)

  1. Zero percent (0%) factoring rate on all Ryan Transportation Service, Inc. (“Ryan Transportation”) loads. Click HERE to sign up with Ryan Transportation.
  2. Early access to Ryan Transportation loads through our private load board, RTS Pro Freight, via our mobile and web app, RTS Pro and “My Lanes” in RTS Pro.
  3. Guaranteed detention on all Ryan Transportation loads.

Who Qualifies?

(Terms and Conditions apply)

  1. New clients who accept the Ryan Transportation Enhanced Bundle Proposal, and sign up for bundled factoring services through RTS Financial Service, Inc. (“RTS Financial”) and fuel discounts through RTS Carrier Services, Inc. (“RTS Carrier Services”). Click this link to sign up for factoring and fuel: [LINK]
  2. Current RTS Financial factoring clients who sign up for the bundled program.
  3. Current RTS Carrier Services fuel clients who sign up for the bundled program.
  4. Bundled clients who actively factor their accounts receivable with RTS Financial and actively fuel in network using an RTS Carrier Services fuel card.

Terms and Conditions

  • Qualifying clients only. See “Who Qualifies?” for more information.
  • Qualifying clients must sign up for the bundled program on or after [INSERT START DATE]
  • RTS Financial, RTS Carrier Services and Ryan Transportation reserve the right to amend, suspend, or change the terms of this promotion at any time without notification.
  • Qualifying clients must fully execute a Bundled Factoring Agreement.
  • The client agrees to all terms outlined in the Bundled Factoring Agreement and any terms and conditions relating to the fuel services.
  • Qualifying clients must be actively factoring with RTS Financial.
  • Qualifying clients must be actively fueling in-network with RTS Carrier Services.
  • Qualifying clients must be in compliance with the Bundled Factoring Agreement requirements.
  • Zero percent (0%) factoring rates apply to only Ryan Transportation loads. -
  • Additional wire fees may apply.
  • Ryan Transportation loads must be uploaded correctly to the QAP account through RTS Pro in order to qualify for the discounted factoring rate.
  • Qualifying clients will have early access using Book It Now (“BIN”) if a load has a posted price on the load board. Early access is not offered on every load.
  • A client must be an active carrier to access BIN, which means they must be a registered carrier in good standing with Ryan Transportation. If you haven’t already, click HERE to sign up with Ryan Transportation.
  • Some loads listed on our load board and My Lanes notifications are delayed to all users by three (3) hours.
  • To obtain early access to quoting, the carrier can use “Initiate a Quote” in RTS Pro Freight.
  • Guaranteed detention applies only when a carrier uses Trucker Tools to track their location throughout the entire haul.
  • Double brokered loads do not qualify for factoring and will not qualify for the discounted rate.
  • Ryan Transportation Service, Inc., RTS Carrier Services, Inc. and RTS Financial Service, Inc. are Shamrock Trading Corporation Brands.