A Fast Way to Prepare Fuel Tax Returns

IFTA Plus is an online program that tracks the miles your trucking fleet drives and the fuel it purchases. Each financial quarter, the software helps you calculate and store your returns. As an RTS Carrier Services member, you will receive a 20% discount on the IFTA Plus rate. When you combine your RTS Carrier Services membership with factoring services provided by our partner company RTS Financial, the total discount is 35%.

Since 2007, IFTA Plus has prepared International Fuel Tax Agreement returns for more than 10,000 companies. IFTA Plus prepares your official state fuel tax return within seconds. All of your IFTA returns, as well as your fuel purchases and miles, can be accessed at any time from your computer.

Why IFTA Plus?

  • Its calculations are accurate and reliable.
  • The software stores all your fuel purchases, miles, and past IFTA returns permanently for future access.
  • Advanced features incorporate your RTS Carrier Services fuel card to automatically import all of your fuel information.

Three Simple Steps

Here is how IFTA Plus generates accurate returns:

  1. The software collects and logs the total number of gallons your company has purchased during a quarter.
  2. You log into the online software and enter your personal data.
  3. Your IFTA returns are completed and ready to print.