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If you own a business but are uncomfortable with handling finances, you are not alone.

A recent study by Intuit, Inc. found that more than 40% of small business owners describe themselves as “financially illiterate.” That information is troubling, especially when considering that 81% of business owners polled in the study said they handle all of their companies’ finances themselves.

Free Financial Content

Fortunately, RTS Financial provides several tools that help business owners gain a better understanding of their companies’ financial performance. In addition to regular online blog articles about financial management and bookkeeping tactics, RTS Financial provides the following free guides aimed at boosting your company’s financial performance:

  • The Guide to Getting Paid Faster
  • Financial Management for Trucking Companies
  • How to Start a Trucking Company
  • Your Complete Guide to Factoring
  • The Complete Guide to Fuel Savings

Even if you are not an RTS Financial customer, the premium content on RTSFinancial.com contains valuable information that can help you gain greater control over your company’s finances.

The Path to Financial Growth

While it can help with balancing the books, RTS Financial excels in positioning companies to reach their full growth potential. RTS Financial clients see an immediate increase in cash flow through customized factoring solutions that turn invoices into cash in less than a day. Additional services like free credit information and a fuel card program help companies make better business decisions and save on operating expenses. Finally, RTS Financial’s free collections and other back-office support allow clients to grow their businesses without having to add accounting staff.

To learn more about RTS Financial and the services we provide, call us today at (877) 242-4390.

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