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At RTS Financial, we love to receive feedback from our customers about our factoring solutions. We have found that this kind of ongoing dialogue with customers is the best way to make sure we continue to provide the best financial services in the industry. Below are accounts from three different customers about their experiences with RTS Financial. While these are just three perspectives, their stories are similar to those of hundreds of business owners we work with on a daily basis:

“Everything is on the up-and-up.”

Alex launched his new trucking company in 2014. He wanted to factor right away and learned about RTS Financial from one of our agents. We offered Alex a competitive rate for $200,000 per month. His Chicago fleet began factoring with RTS Financial in October. An industry veteran, Alex has owned other trucking companies and has worked with other factors. He praised RTS Financial for honoring commitments and for being easy to work with. His company now has 15 trucks hauling freight between Illinois and Texas. Alex’s monthly factoring volume has increased to $300,000. “Many factoring companies do not follow up on what they say they are going to do for you when you sign an agreement,” he said. “With RTS Financial, we have not had any problems. Transfers are on time, there are no delays. Everything is on the up-and-up.” In addition to factoring with RTS Financial, Alex’s fleet is a fuel card customer with our affiliate, RTS Carrier Services. He has also referred two trucking companies that have now become RTS Financial clients.

Aggressive Growth with Factoring

Jim began negotiating a factoring agreement with RTS Financial in June 2014. He was about to launch his Georgia-based trucking and logistics company and needed a factor. Jim’s business partner knew about RTS Financial and recommended our services. Jim’s company began factoring with RTS Financial last August at a volume of $400,000 per month. Since that time, his fleet has grown to more than 50 trucks, and has been profitable since October. Factoring with RTS Financial has fueled the company’s impressive growth, Jim said. He described his dedicated account representative at RTS Financial as “awesome.” The integrity and reliability of financing and back-office services from RTS Financial has made it easier for Jim and his trucking fleet to get off to a strong start. “You guys have been the most straight-up and responsible partner that we’ve dealt with so far. I really can’t complain,” he said.

Overcoming a Low Credit Rating

The flexibility of factoring means that a company does not need to have a stellar credit score to receive financing. When Steve began his Texas trucking company in 2014, he had a credit score of 609 that included a 2010 bankruptcy. However, three of RTS Financial’s other factoring clients vouched for Steve and his fleet. His company began factoring with us in October. In a short span of time, Steve’s fleet grew to more than 10 trucks and was also approved by RTS Carrier Services for a Fleet One fuel card. The company currently factors at a monthly volume of $120,000. Steve said that he has been impressed with the accessibility and expertise of all of his contacts at RTS Financial and RTS Carrier Services. “All I have to say is that I am very, very happy and satisfied with the team that I have,” he said. “Great people, great team!”

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