trucks parked at a Pilot gas station

A Message from Our Partner

Pilot Flying J continues to monitor the global supply market closely, doing everything they can to keep customers updated, informed and fueled. According to Pilot Flying J, the tremendous volatility in crude and product prices is being driven by two opposing factors:

  1. There have been extreme lockdowns in some of China’s major cities due to high COVID cases, resulting in less Chinese demand for oil supplies and overall downward pressure on oil prices.
  2. There is continued pressure on the European Union to curtail oil and gas supplies coming out of Russia, resulting in upward pressure in pricing for oil and refined products globally.

Diesel inventory levels remain extremely low for many markets in the eastern U.S., and refinery issues are creating tightness in both the St. Louis and Indianapolis markets. To prepare for market disruptions like these, Pilot Flying J has spent the last several years building a resilient supply chain. They are also taking additional action to secure extra supply, including mobilizing their fleet to deliver diesel to areas facing the tightest availability, such as Virginia and Georgia. At this time, all other markets are adequately supplied with contingency plans to ensure that Pilot Flying J locations nationwide can continue to provide a steady source of diesel fuel for fleets.

At RTS, we are confident that Pilot will closely monitor the situation and actively mitigate any outages, ensuring they remain the most reliable network of travel centers for our customers.

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