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Whether your fleet is small or large, truck dispatching can be time-consuming and difficult to manage. Working with a top-rated dispatching company can help you successfully navigate the dispatching process and allow you to focus on more important aspects of your business. Truck dispatchers work closely with the carrier to ensure loads are delivered to the appropriate destination at the right time. Sometimes this means that dispatchers control most of the logistical process from start to finish.

What Truck Dispatching Companies Do

Truck dispatching companies provide dispatchers who organize schedules, routes and dispatch drivers to successfully complete shipments. They also provide services in maintaining carriers’ compliance with FMCSA regulations, taxes and fees, and they assist carriers with achieving their financial goals as it pertains to accrued operating costs.

How Truck Dispatching Can Work for You

Truck dispatching services can help you maintain communication with and for your carriers and offer the following assistance:

  • Finding loads
  • Negotiating freight
  • Contacting roadside assistance
  • Back-office administration
  • Market data analysis experts
  • Carrier-broker agreement setup
  • Personal dispatcher available 24/7

Dispatching companies like Innovative Logistics offer these services and more.

Innovative Logistics Group is a trucking consulting and carrier services firm that focuses on providing resources and success guidance to small carriers. They have helped thousands of carriers, small and large, with countless resources and mentorship. Whether you are a new or tenured trucking company, the Innovative Logistics approach can help you succeed by guiding you through methods for your return on investment, profits and break-even points in your fleet of trucks. Their mentorship programs are thorough, all-encompassing and tailored to your unique needs.

“We provide a one-stop-shop solution for carriers,” says Myron Piggie Jr., Managing Partner at Innovative Logistics Group. “We focus on profitability, offer compliance solutions and provide expert insights on market conditions.”

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