Booking loads is just one part of operating a successful trucking fleet. The other part is controlling costs. When starting your own company, you need to take advantage of every available opportunity to save money on your expenses.

One of your first steps should be to sign your fleet up for a fuel card. In addition to saving you money at the pump, many fuel cards offer discounts on other products and services that trucking companeis rely on. 

Better Savings and More Control 

Fuel cards were created years ago by gas station and travel center chains as a way to build customer loyalty and sell more gallons at the pump. They rewarded that loyalty by offering per-gallon discounts at all retail locations. Trucking companies quickly recognized fuel cards as a way to save a considerable amount of money on their fuel consumption. Issuing fuel cards to drivers was also an effective way to control and monitor their spending. Previously, fleet managers would give their drivers an unrestricted credit card or even a wad of cash to use on the road. That approach made it easy for drivers to fudge on paying for their expenses. 

Today, fuel cards are more sophisticated, with several national brands offering discounts and prepayment options across a wide range of retail partners. The availability of real-time data also enables your fuel card provider to give you regular updates on diesel prices at locations throughout the country, helping you to find the lowest possible fuel prices every time. 

Put simply, owning a fuel card should mean never having to pay full price at the diesel pump again. Finding the right card for your fleet does require a little shopping around. Fuel discounts can vary greatly. Over the course of a year, a discount of even a few cents per gallon can potentially save your fleet thousands of dollars on fuel.  

Fuel Savings at More Than 1,100 Locations

RTS Carrier Services is one of the fastest-growing fuel savings programs in the country, offering discounts at more than a thousand locations nationwide. In addition to substantial savings at 650 Pilot Flying J travel centers, RTS Carrier Services’ exclusive Plus Network includes discounts with more than 540 other fuel stations. CarrierPro, an exclusive website and mobile app, helps drivers find the best estimated fuel prices and amenities across the entire RTS Carrier Services Fuel Network.

Designed to set the standard for savings and success in the trucking industry, RTS Carrier Services also offers its members access to PlusCheks and credit lines of as much as $2,500 per truck, per week. The new Shop Program provides discounts on maintenance and DOT inspections at 40 Boss Shop locations nationwide. Finally, RTS Carrier Services offers its members discounts on IFTA returns, document scanning, office supplies and lodging.

To learn more about our fuel savings program and maintenance perks, contact RTS today!

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